We've made editing the rights easier.

Hello from the product team! 👋 

We have taken our precautions in this world encompassing pandemic. All our team is in their safe homes. But we continue working and development.

We have listened to the user feedback and requests, and made editing of rights easier. Now you can change rights for the users you have invited to your app without deleting them.

We care about you! #Covid19

Hello 🙋🏻‍♂️

As the whole world, we are experiencing a period of uncertainties due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Like every responsible person and institution, we have to spend most of our time at home and indoors to protect ourselves and those around us.

As Mobiroller; in this process, we have prepared packages according to your needs that can support you by thinking about small businesses, tradesmen and everyone who works and contributes to the home economy.

Spending a few hours during the day;

• If you are a small business or tradesman; You can make a mobile application where you can sell and continue your business at home. With this application, you can remotely communicate with your existing customers, receive orders and payments.

• Individually; can make mobile applications on various topics and publish them to markets; you can earn additional income on in-app sales and ads.

If you have an idea in mind, start working using our free packages we prepared for you, ask us questions, read our documents. The mobile application you make in just a few hours will create new opportunities for you.

If you want to switch to one of the paid packages at the point where you enlarge the targets, we reduced our annual packages' fees by 50% until April 30.

Your Discount Code: STAYIN

These days will pass and we will see more beautiful days together.

#StayAtHome #ProtectYourLovedOnes 🖐🏻

Mobiroller Team

Your feedback is very valuable for us!

Hello 🙋‍♂️

The whole team is working hard for the mobile applications you prepare to have more advanced features. We are especially working about what features we will develop in the coming period.

We need your help in this matter. What features do you think we should add to Mobiroller first and what can we do better?

We look forward to your responses here 👉🏻 https://feedback.mobiroller.com

Stay with love and health 🖐
#StayAtHome #Covid19

Roles & Rights feature is ready!

Hello 🙋‍♂

We would like to share with you two important new features this week.

  1. New Feature

    We have launched the user invitation feature, which we announced in beta in the past weeks, for everyone. You can start using it immediately.

  2. New Feature

    Thanks to the new User roles and rights feature; you can determine what the user you invited can do within the app.

    This feature is currently only available to beta users. If you want to join our beta users, you can send an e-mail to support@mobiroller.com

Example Scenarios for Role and Rights Feature

  • You can invite someone who only can send push notifications,
  • You can invite someone who only can both edit content and view statistics.

Enjoy the new features, we hope you like it! We would appreciate if you share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Stay with us!

User invitation feature

We have a good news! 👊

A new day in Mobiroller. Now, under one application, many people can work simultaneously. 😎 Thanks to user invitation feature, you can invite your colleagues or your customers to your app and work together.